Genius Loves Company has teamed up with UPS and Crosley Radios to create a platform for musicians to share their love of music. We are providing pathways for musicians to share their music in any capacity that is meaningful to them wether it be getting connected to other musicians, performing live, recording original music, paid session musician, writing/selling songs, publishing or just meeting other like minded people in the music industry.

A video interview is the best way for us to get to know you, learn what kind of music MOVES you, understand how you found your professional career and why you choose to work where you work. What ONE SONG would you like to perform/record?

Tuesday Nights at The Levee supports TWO musical initiatives: One for those with corporate careers who play music and those who have chosen music careers over corporate pursuits.

Are you a IT professional with a passion for Music? We discovered many years ago that some of the most talented programmers/techies - were musicians. As a genius SEEKER ... have always been attracted to passionate, talented individuals who hold personal excellence as their standard.

Technology and music are both artistic passions and what we’ve found is that when the two overlap, it’s a truly truly magical experience. If you are interested in performing at The Levee on Tuesday nights, please proceed with the video interview and indicate which segment you are interested in. Would LOVE to see a live video of you performing!  Start Interview HERE.


  1. Music Tech Connect: 5-8PM
  2. Crosley Music Showcase: 7:30-10PM